Jesus and Jonah (2021/02/06)_Cindy

Jesus and Jonah (2021/02/06)

  1. Why does Jesus mention Jonah in all of the prophets?

First of all, I am not familiar to all the prophets yet, but I think Jesus mentions Jonah because we all do not listen to God in some way.  We all have weaknesses and are easily attempted by something and go the opposite direction. 

But why is it so difficult to just follow God’s words? Why is the evil in our body so strong? 

We have to experience nearly death to turn back to God.

Jesus know well our sin, so he said that’’ Only an evil , adulterous generation would demand a miraculous sign, but the only sign I will give them is the sign of the prophet Jonah.‘’ 

We all want to see a miracle, after we ‘’believe’’ , Is that real belief? The answer is not. 

Everything is already there, God already created, the love, the beauty, everything. The only thing God wants us to do is believe. How hard is that? Pretty hard, I think. 

Recently I learned a method to let my spirit talk to my physical body. Sometimes I think God in my spirit, but Sadan in my physical body, is that possible? 

I realize another reason that Jesus mentions Jonah because we all want reward, even though we made mistakes, once we turn back to God, we always can experience miracles because of God’s LOVE. 

  1. If Jesus does not mention Jonah, what kind of questions can not answer? 

This question is little difficult for me, since I have no enough background information in my mind, I will finish this question later. 

     2.Do I mention Jonah? 

I think I am. He is the person who God love, he is the person who does not listen to God, He is the person who fear God at last, he is the person who gets rewarded. 

I am like Jonah, people around us like Jonah, looks we have to experience difficulty and life storms can obey God’s words. 

From my understanding,Move our ego and connect to God. Believe, so the miracle will come naturally.